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Stockholm Pride 2021

What a fabulous week it has been!

Even though I am so, sooo tired, I'm still high on my this cocktail of dopamine, endorphin, and adrenaline that keeps my excitment up and carries me on for that little bit longer after this year's Stockholm Pride. Excuse me for repeating, but what a fabulous week is has been!

We had a mixed physical and digital experience, still subject to the sanitary restrictions. As a first-timer on the board, I think that was a good warm-up for me before next year when we will be back in full scale (we hope!). Still, so much has happened.

Already on Thursday, I was there to inaugurate Pride House on the behalf of Stockholm Pride association's board together with my colleague Fredrik Saweståhl and our fantastic guests: Ann-Christine Ruuth, Jêran Rostam, and Cecilia Flodin. You can watch me stammer here:

Only a few hours later, I had the pleasure to discuss the LGBTQ rights in an international perspective with our special guests: Ákos Modolo (Szimpozion Association, Hungary), Alex Kokot (Ljubljana Pride, Slovenia), Kamil Maczuga (Atlas of Hate, Poland), and Lilly Dragoeva (Bilitis Foundation & Sofia Pride, Bulgaria).

On Saturday, me and Patrik Forslin from BOSSE Råd-, Stöd-, och Kunskapscenter discussed the intersectionality in our community, with a particular focus on the LGBTQ individuals with disabilities before, during, and after the pandemics.

And you can bet I stood on the scene when the board (in the form of my colleagues Martin Edlund, Fredrik Saweståhl, Johanna Lönn, Vix Herjeryd, and myself) delivered our own greeting for this year's digital parade!

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