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Europeans on the Move

Last autumn, ECAS reached out to me looking for the stories of EU citizens living away from their countries of origin for a campaign ahead of the upcoming European Parliament election this June.

The EU relies first and foremost on four basic principles: the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital, and labour.

But we are more than just labour moving after jobs. We are people and we have all sorts of reasons to move, build our homes where we believe we fit, and create our lives where we believe we can make the best of them – and of ourselves.

The campaign is now launched with my story first up, as shot by Zoe and Matthieu from Tripwire in a frosty Stockholm weekend. Watch it below – and if you are a EU citizen yourself, make your vote count in June!


1: 'Learning Swedish'

2: 'En svensk tiger'

3: 'The Closet'

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