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Marching for those who can't

Mom, dad, I’m on TV!

Last Saturday the @West Pride parade marched through the streets of Gothenburg. Swedish pride parades are usually opened by a representation of @RFSL – and these are somewhat different from what you might expect to see at a pride parade. These groups march in silent deliberation, with tape covering their mouths. Apart from a few rainbow flags, there are no colours. But they are also perhaps the most important ones in the parades and they are usually met with most applause from the spectators. They march with an important message reminding of the oppression and discrimination that LGBTQI folks around the world still face: 'Marching for those who can’t'.

Through a twist of fate I ended up being the most senior RFSL official on the spot, and I marched for those who can’t side by side with colleagues from @RFSL Göteborg in the very first row of the parade. It was a humbling experience, but also a very meaningful one. One to remind me of why I do what I do, why I put in the work and the time when others rest or party, and sometimes stay up way too late at night or get up earlier in the morning than what is reasonable: for those who can’t.

Forgive my starry eyes but a better reason for doing it I couldn’t think of.

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