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Call your mom!

Back in 2003, my mom defended her thesis and earned her PhD. At the time, I was in junior high. Of course I went to her defence – and I remember the whole ordval pretty well even though almost two decades have passed. I remember getting up early in the morning, I remember catching that early morning express train, I remember my first ever ride on the underground. I remember her talk and the discussion afterwards (don't ask me for details though).

I also remember all the hard work that had led her there. Lab work, exams in philosophy and foreign languages, editing graphs over nights. Not that I understood any of it, mind you. But I remember the emotions involved. Both beforehand and afterwards. These emotions do spill over to other people, like it or not.

No, I'm not writing this to guilt trip any grad studying (or working) mother. Quite the opposite.

I'm writing this because today is Mother's Day in Poland. I'm writing this to acknowledge one of the greatest sources of inspirations in my life and perhaps the reason why I wanted to get a PhD myself.

Moms, you are great! Thank you for doing what you do! For showing us the way even if you don't always realise you do.

Now go ahead and give your mom a call (even if it's not Mother's Day where you are)! I've already called mine.

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