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a few words about me

researcher - sensemaker - storyteller

Silesian - by birth and by upbringing, and very proudly so! My hometown is one of those old, medieval cities which overgrew with coal mines and steelworks. I was raised between red bricks, yellow fields, blue lakes, and green hills. Silesia, the broderland of cultures, taught me respect to diversity, humility in face of my legacy, and a sense of community.
Academic - by training. It has been a dream of mine at least since junior high. Perhaps the most formative years of my life I spent in the university towns of Kraków, Uppsala, and Oxford, with shorter sojourns in Siegen and Helsinki. I probably studied every branch of the social science, my crowning achievement being a doctoral dissertation on sensemaking.
Scandinavian - by choice. Amongst the Swedish forests and lakes, and amongst these honest, clean-living, handsome people I found a home where I thrive best (in the open landscape).
European - by conviction, and a very strong one at that.
Traveller - by hobby and, sometimes, by profession as well. If the world is a book, then those who don't travel are stuck on the first page.
Introvert - but working on it, I promise!
Storyteller - also by profession. As an introvert, I collect impressions and memories. I've collected quite a lot over the years, perhaps it's time to give some of them back.
Dog-enthusiast - because of course. I have even developed an odd kind of liking for the Black Dog, but all animals are great.
Foodie - had you tried my food, you'd understand.
Also: skier, sailor, cyclist, among others.

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I give talks on the things I know and I offer advice to organisations undergoing changes and facing problems. I always adjust my work to the client's wishes, within my expertise:
an economic perspective on national security and defence (via my employer);
LGBTQ issues;
Leadership, organisation, and management.
Have you seen something in my CV that caught your interest? Ask about it!

Tack för ditt meddelande!

Writing by the Water

want to know more about me?


This is where I keep my CV up to date. Take a look at the mischiefs I currently am up to, and those I have already managed.

My Flight Diary

The world is a book and he who does not travel is stuck on the first page. Follow me on my journeys, at least those airborne ones!


Speaking of books... The list of those I want to read only keeps growing - exponentially! Take a look at my progress.


Here is my online photo album. Here is where you can see the little more private part of me and my life. A selection available down below!


I once wrote that one viral tweet. I will never reach that fame again so I tweet rarely but, hopefully, things of substance.

Want to know even more?

Reach out and ask! E-mail is probably the best way of contacting me.

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